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Your toothaches and dental issues all have a solution. Check here and contact us if you need more info.

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The common wisdom is to visit All Wood Dental twice a year for cleaning and inspection. This checkup will help you avoid costly (and often painful) procedures that are allowed to develop without correction.

Set up a friendly reminder system with us by calling 604-746-3535.

If the chip is small, then we can most likely fix it. However, if it is larger, a professional veneer may be the best option to preserve a consistent appearance and to prevent future chipping or cracking.

  • To find out which dental solution will work for you, call All Wood Dental at 604-746-3535.

We would like to say that all fillings are completely painless, but that sadly isn't the case. At All Wood Dental , we'll do our best to work on the tooth gingerly and minimize your pain as much as possible.

  • Dial 604-746-3535 for nearly pain-free fillings and crowns in Abbotsford.

Crying during the teething process is standard, but a visit to All Wood Dental will let you know if there are other issues with your child's mouth and teeth. Our dental office is fully prepared for pediatric dentistry.

  • Your child deserves superior dentistry in Abbotsford - dial 604-746-3535 today!

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Our full-service office is equipped for a wide range of dental services, from general hygiene to fillings, crowns, and cosmetic dentistry. The All Wood Dental Team , Abbotsford.